Getting the best out of Supreme air coolers

The heat coming from windows increases the size of the cooler needed. you might feel uncomfortably hot when the sunlight shines through your window. you need to keep the window open in correct amount in order to get the maximum potential performance.
In an alternate way to this, you may install a security relief grille in the ceiling. according to the arrangement of room and direction of wind depends the location of opening and best amount of cooled air.
  • If designing a new building, go for the correct orientation of the windows.
  • While the north dirctional neds shading, the same goes for one in east direction too but of extensive vertical.
  • You can use correctly designed shades, such as pergoals, verandha and similar type of architectural feature.
Adjustments of the louvers is aim to distribute the cold air as widly as equally as posible inside the room. The four or six segments can be rotated with normal type of ceiling grille in order to direct air where ever needed.
However the foul smellcan be eradicated with the use of disifectants in the water of the cole's tank. have a hood ventilation will definitely go in favor of the air cooler's as keeping the doors and windows open allows enough fresh air to flow in the room.
You can also try to add ice cubes in the water tank of the cooler. it improves the cooling performance be lowering the temperature even further. some air cooler also consists of saparate unit to keep ice cubes.

Some useful tips to prevent Supreme air coolers

Dust out the settled remains

Its been for month that your cooler has been kept some corner of your room and it is bound to have piled up heaps of dust. you need to get the job before starting your machine and clean it properly.

Cleaning the motor and pump

The motor is the most essential part of air cooler. the bette it functions, the cooler your room air gets. although electric connections are necessary to work properly, but it is also necessary to apply oil on the motor adequately.

Maintenance of the fan

If gan was not there you would not have got the benefit of cool air. It is thus, important to make sure that the fan brings chill air to you, do take good care of its blade.

Take care of cooling pads

The cooling pads is another important part of the air coolers that cannot be ignored. It needs to be changed every season. the cooling pads should be cleaned and checked for their proper installation. After doing this run the water supply in order to check if the water is running through the entire cooling pad or not.

Maintenance after its use

  • All the power to the air cooler should be disconnected.
  • Clean out all the sediments and slimes form the basin.
  • All the dirty water to drain out from the pipe and tank.
  • Never pack it without letting it to dry.
  • You should dry out the internal parts.
  • At the end, fit water proof covers to external body.

Maintenance throughout year

Even after you have packed your cooler properly and kept it at safe place, there are sure chances that it would accumulate dust on it. it hence become necessary to keep checkingthe machine in the gap of some time.