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The dictionary meaning of the word SUPREME is "excellent" and ever since the day of its inception the company has stood true to its name in every deed. SUPREME was established in the year 1974 by Late Sh. B.S. Gandhi and ever since then it has been soaring greater heights in every endeavor. With its presence in evaporative cooling, SUPREME has always strived to achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality and innovation. We as individuals as well as company believe in creating value and delight for our customers. As we recognize and realize the priceless value of fulfilled expectations of customers. The appreciation of our products has always been a motivation and stimulus to keep innovating and moving forward by providing best of quality and value for money to our customers in every product of ours. Each member of SUPREME is perfectly efficient and full of professional integrity yet we attribute our success and zeal to keep moving forward to the entire company as the bit by bit contribution of every member and every process is equally important to make this success an everlasting story. And the valued customers of supreme are to be thanked first and foremost for all the soaring heights we've achieved.


The Late Sh. B.S. Gandhi. founder of SUPREME established the company in 1974 with the simple purpose of providing better life for his family. Then, the company was a backyard startup, producing few desert coolers. Sh. B.S. Gandhi was the pacesetter of the industry, leading by example and exemplifying the values of teamwork, initiative, commitment and continue improvement-the 4 core values of SUPREME today. He emphasized on product quality, precision and exquisiteness, while stressing upon process accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness. Though he was firm in his management, he treated his employees with fairness and benevolence. He strongly beleive in assuring all associates belongs, and enjoy a share of the fruits of labor which they have been a part of. Sh. B.S. Gandhi passed away peacefully on 16th November 2002. He was 51. It was a time of great sadness and bereavement. And while we mourn the loss, we should also celebrate the achievements he had made, The many lives he had touched, and the great man that had become. The best way to pay tribute to our founder, is to continue living his dream and work hard together to bring SUPREME to greater heights.


Discover our range of coolers tailored to fit every need. From compact and portable personal coolers perfect for individual comfort in small spaces, to versatile domestic coolers designed to efficiently cool larger residential areas, and robust commercial coolers built for continuous operation in high-traffic environments. Whether it's for personal use at home or to maintain comfort in commercial settings, our coolers deliver reliable and efficient cooling solutions to keep you comfortable in any situation.